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Urban Co-Lab is a think tank for programs and projects that would facilitate community development. We are committed to our social mission of enacting change in our society, one community at a time. We believe in empowering the citizens so that they can work towards their development. We are ordinary citizens with a passion to help. 

We respond to different issues and challenges that affect our urban communities. We initially started thinking of community projects from our garage doors in Florida and in a span of one year, we were able to spearhead many programs and events that were directed to uplift the lives of our urban poor communities in different parts of America.


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What urban issues and challenges are we talking about?

We studied the profiles of different towns and cities all over America and one thing is clear: poverty is still a glaring reality. And with this comes a whole lot of issues and challenges that need to be addressed. There is the housing problem. Look around you and you can still see people spending the night in the streets because they have no homes to go to. Families are also facing challenges in food, income, health, education, and peace and order.

How do you plan to solve the issues and problems of urban communities?

We are no Superman. We know that we cannot solve these problems on our own. But here is our plan. Today urban communities are faced with numerous concerns.  Our group at Urban Co-Lab presents an alternative and flexible paradigm that can guide urban development planning. 

Our goals are high but they are realistic, grounded in practices and technologies that are available now.  We have different entry points, depending on our assessment of the appropriateness of the approach. We plan to involve different stakeholders to ensure the success of the community programs and projects.

What community programs and projects have you done so far?

Urban Co-Lab is active in giving seminars and training to educate communities about different social issues. We believe that we have to make them aware of their situation so that they can begin to take ownership of the responsibility to take control of their lives. Start where the people are. Know their strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and challenges that they are dealing with on a day to day basis. 

Then, we give capability training to improve their capacities in fighting poverty. We have discussed Social Entrepreneurship, Disaster Risk and Management, alternative learning, community policing, among others. We make sure to partner with different government agencies, humanitarian organizations, businesses, community groups, and other stakeholders. It takes the cooperation of everyone to uplift the lives of other people. It is a collaboration among different players to solve the different urban problems.

What else can we expect from Urban Co-Lab?

Expect Urban Co-Lab to be more passionate in our commitment to serve the people and to resolve the urban issues that plague our communities. We will continue to partner with concerned groups and agencies to achieve our vision of uplifting the lives of the poor.

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