How Do You Coach Basketball

Basketball is among the most loved and cheered sport across the world. As the number of people who want to get into basketball keeps increasing, the number of couches needed to help in training increase as well. Us a new coach, in basketball, you need to keep the game simple and more fun to while at the same times stressing the need for hard-working. But how do you do that? Check below.

Keep a positive attitude to the players

As a coach, you are very instrumental during training. How you perceive the sport and the players determines a lot on whether trainees which grasp the concept or not.

So, you need to keep encouraging your player to love the sport, and that becoming a basketballer star is simple and achievable.

Take up a practice Plan for your Players


Having a practice plan entails rewriting down a schedule when you will be training the players. A detailed practice plan helps you save time wastage and as well helps in keeping players informed.

Be a good listener


You can’t be a good trainer if you do not give room to engagements. During training, always give place for a water break or time to relax a bit. Even if you are the coach, a player can have some insight that can otherwise increase your training skills.

Schedule time for stretching and warmup

As a coach, you could appear awkward if you do not take your players into stretching and warming up session before the sport. For each training session, start with 10 to 15 minutes of bodily jogging, warmup, and muscle stretching.

Use videos


With the fact that technology is taking control nowadays, basketball sport is not exceptional when technology is concerned. As a coach, you need to share Basketball Training Videos with your players to enhance their skills even more.

Improve focus on individual improvement

People have a different level of understanding and putting in practice items or issues that they have learned. As a coach, you need to focus on training your team as a whole while at the same times, paying particular attention to those who need further assistance.


Training of basketball takes into account a lot of items rather than what is mentioned above. There is training on how to shooting a basketball score, how to handle and control the ball, how to counter the opponent among others. You need to widen your scope of knowledge.