Does Lasik Last Forever

Lasik refers to a laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, which is a type of a refractive procedure done to correct hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. It helps to reduce patient’s dependence on contact lenses and glasses. After the surgical process, a patient might ask; how long will the Lasik last?

There are alot of answers to this question, and as a result, most of the patients will feel confused. For us to solve the mystery, we talked with doctors from across the nation and compiled a perfect reply for you.

How long will Lasik Last


Dr. Charles: It’s a misconception that Lasik will only last for a few days. What we can say is that it depends on the patient. For 95% of the patients, the treatment will last for decades and some forever. However, less than 5% of the patients will experience small challenges that may require the patients to take another procedure. These could be as a result of some changes as the person grows old. The problem, however, will not be as bad as it was before.

Presbyopia and Cataracts Problems

Presbyopia is a vision problem that affects patients at their middle-ages. It’s a problem that hinders patients from seeing things near-by.

As a result, patients will need to wear glasses. If the problem comes in after the Lasik procedures, the patient may feel as if the surgery was not correct.

For the elderly, cataracts are a challenge that might occur even when you had the Lasik procedure done. These two changes make patients think that Lasik is not a solution to sight problems.

Insurance Covered Lasik

The good thing with treatment today is that most of the medical facilities accept payment through insurance covers. lasik covered by insurance helps you receive proper treatment without fear of financial drain. Most of the facilities will make the claims on your behalf.


We can conclude that how long the Lasik lasts depends on the patient’s health. With most of the patients, however, the corrections will last forever. Consider taking a health cover that accommodates your eyes’ health, and you’ll have a chance to enjoy better care.